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The outdoor furniture turns out to be the most useful solution for furnishing outdoor areas, expanding the space available for storing items and accessories. Indispensable in the apartments with a terrace, they become precious furnishings also for the garden. Their composition, in materials resistant to bad weather and sun exposure, allows them to be positioned even in uncovered areas.

How to clean plastic outdoor furniture?

Plastic or synthetic rattan furnishings do not require much maintenance, but periodic cleaning is recommended to keep them as new for a long time. Before proceeding with washing, it is advisable to remove dust and surface dirt, which inevitably accumulate over time, using a dry cloth or, in the case of encrustations, a soft brush. A solution of water and neutral detergent is then prepared in a basin, where a sponge is dipped and passed over all the surfaces. Then rinse and leave to dry in the shade. To whiten outdoor furniture that has lost its original whiteness, you can use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide - a spoonful per liter of water - and bicarbonate of soda, always in the dose of a spoon per liter.

How to choose outdoor cabinets?

- Compare the cabinet sizes with the available space

- Choose the material according to your tastes and needs, also considering the simplicity of cleaning and maintenance

- To furnish large spaces it can be a good idea to buy modular elements to be associated with each other, maintaining a coordinated style