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Curtains fulfill many practical and decorative purposes. They protect against strong sunlight, from prying eyes and noise. As a decorative element, they give each room an individual character. They can be placed in front of windows, doors or open passageways. Curtains can be found in numerous attractive colors and patterns. They are offered as ready made goods, which can be hung up immediately, or made to order. Transparent fabrics convey lightness and let a lot of light into the room. With heavy, opaque curtains you ensure an undisturbed night's sleep and protect yourself in the summer from high heat.

How do you apply curtains?

To attach the curtains there are different systems. Slice curtains are threaded onto a thin rod that is attached directly to the window frame with adhesive hooks. Cornices are mounted above windows or doors. Curtains with rings or loops can be hung on these poles. The curtain has these elements incorporated either at the top edge or is provided with a ribbing on which you can attach the rings. The rings and eyelets are made of plastic, metal or wood. It looks pretty when the colors and materials go well together. If you want to attach upholstery and curtains, a curtain rail with guide grooves is practical. Suitable accessories for the assembly such as rings, curtain rolls for curtain rails, brackets and sling rods are available in a large selection.

How to choose suitable curtains?

- How long should the curtain be? Do you want to cover the window only halfway up, so you can enjoy the beautiful view? Or do you need a curtain that reaches down to the floor? Measure the distances in your apartment carefully and calculate the type of suspension. If a curtain is too long, it may be shortened. An extension can be achieved with pretty braids or lace.

- Should the curtains be opaque or transparent? Transparent curtains are available in beautiful colors and patterns. They do not always have to be white and decorated with lace. Opaque versions are also available as thermal curtains or blackout curtains. With a thermal curtain you save energy. Often, these models have sound-reducing properties.

- In which room does the curtain come? Adjust the colors, patterns, and fabric quality of the furniture in the room. For the nursery are happy, colorful designs. Curtains with Mediterranean motifs, plaids or abstract plants look wonderful in the kitchen. If you often redecorate your room, curtains in a neutral color are a good choice. Elegant gray or a subtle cream go well with any interior design style.

- Do you need mounting material? Check which fasteners you need. Do you already have enough curtain scooters and rings? Are stoppers installed in the curtain rail? With a spinning rod you move the curtains gently and quietly. Over curtains can be nicely pulled together with side loops when they are open. Order matching holders, straps and cords.

- Do you already have curtain rods or curtain rails? Check the existing installation material and choose matching curtains. You may want to change the suspension design. For curtain poles, there are different end caps, which are decorated with arabesques, flowers or balls. Moldings can be painted over on the panel, with a pattern foil or covered with fabric.