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From every ordinary household a vacuum cleaner is almost impossible to imagine today. Whether for the spring cleaning, or for absorbing spilled food or shards, it is often used in everyday life. Of course it is an advantage to be able to fall back on a high-quality model of which one has something for a long time.

With filter or without?

Traditionally, vacuum cleaners have a filter bag that collects dirt and dust. Most of the bags consist of two to five layers of paper or nonwoven fabric. As a disadvantage, many consumers feel the high cost, as you have to change the bag often with frequent use, in order to maintain the effectiveness. With bagless vacuum cleaners, the dirt is usually collected in a transparent container, so you can see when it is full. As with a vacuum cleaner with a bag and the suction force then usually after; however, the transparency of the container is a practical visual aid. For cleaning, the container must be screwed on and emptied in the dustbin. Some users prefer this method, others prefer not to touch the sucked up dirt and dust, so they prefer to use vacuum cleaner bags.

Different essays for different purposes

Many vacuum cleaners are available with several essays now. Most of the following three are included as standard accessories. • A joint attachment, also called a crevice tool. This is a narrow "trunk", with which you can suck out narrow gaps, such as couch cracks. • A furniture brush. This has a roundish suction opening and is rather narrow. It has bristles as an attachment, however, which are aligned so that sensitive surfaces are protected. At the same time, hair and dust, or cat and dog hair can be better removed from your furniture. • A padded brush. For daily cleaning of sofas, car seats, carpets or the like is the upholstery brush, which sucks with its robust attachment effortlessly the dirt from deeper layers of the pad.