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Decorating - that has been part of our everyday lives since our childhood. In the past, the favorite stuffed animals were carefully draped on the bed, later followed by the posters of our favorite bands on the wall and now you try to make your own four walls now and then with candles and pillows. Decorating itself is described in the Duden as an embellishment or artistic design of a room or a building. That's probably true, because decorating is as diverse as selecting the items themselves. The process of decorating is therapeutic and can have a calming effect or simply fulfill the desire for change. At any time of the year and every festival, the home can shine in a new light.

It should be paid attention to the correct dose. After all, it should not look too crowded and the actually relaxed activity should not degenerate into stress. A little decoration here and one, two changes there, because less is known, more. But what should you look for in decorative items and how do you best use them? Below you will find tips and tricks on the subject of decorative items.

Which decorative items should I use?

Decorations are subject to different trends in colors, shapes and materials. The good thing is that the decoration can change constantly. But that does not mean that there are no perennial favorites. Who has time to deal with the latest trends?

• Nature decoration - this refers to decorative items that originate from nature or at least appear to be so. Woven baskets or wooden figures can have a calming effect and, combined with sparingly used plants, create a great atmosphere.

• Candles in a glass jar - Candles in large glass jars are a popular decoration in their own right. These can also be used variably. Depending on the season or the festivity, the glass jar can be filled with appropriate materials in the appropriate colors. Thus, the glass vessel with or without a candle can quickly create a very special eye-catcher.

• Shawls or scarves - color-matched, towels, scarves or blankets can not only hide something or distract something, they can also do the opposite. For example, as a decorative item, you can highlight your sofa and make it even more comfortable. Even on tables or cabinets, creatively placed cloths can do a lot.

How do I use decorative items?

The room itself should be consistent. Not only the decoration makes the picture. The architecture, the floor, the furniture and even the light all play together. So look for the basic colors and materials for the room and develop your ideas based on them. Be inspired by friends, a holiday, the season or your city.

When choosing deco materials, keep in mind the following: In groups, most items just look better and usually create a nicer ambience. For example, candle holders, vases, tealights and much more. Placing them in odd numbers also gives the whole thing a natural and relaxed feel.

Then put colored accents. If you have chosen a basic color, you can easily make out some deco items, be it pillows, pictures, vases or even curtains. But always remember: Less is sometimes more.

Finally, you can still deal with the lighting. The main light in each room can be complemented by table or floor lamps and thus round off the atmosphere. Again, the same applies as for all decorative items: what is right is what pleases.