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The dehumidifier is an appliance that serves to "de-humidify" or rather remove, or rather reduce, the level of humidity in the environment in which it is placed.

More and more essential for each family, the dehumidifier reduces the risk of contracting diseases caused by hygienic reasons and prevents the formation of mold on the walls, ensuring a good quality of domestic air and the ideal temperature in every season of the year.

Why buy a dehumidifier

Among the main reasons for considering the purchase of a dehumidifier for the home is good to mention:

• Elimination of mold and bacteria: insufficient air exchange, water infiltrations or humidity coming from the floor are some of the most frequent structural causes of humidity in the home. The result is the birth and expansion on the walls of fungi that cause health problems such as allergies, asthma and conjunctivitis. Bad odors and poor hygiene are associated with the environment, which causes discomfort for the elderly, children and people with allergies.

• Air purification: some models are equipped with an integrated ionizer or a filter to make the domestic air as clean as possible. The first type emits a high level of negative ions able to attract the volatile particles and deposit them on the surfaces. The latter, on the other hand, purifies the air by exploiting the same mechanism of action as a water purifier.

• Drying of linen: space problems lead to laundry in the home, with the consequent increase in humidity and mold formation. There are dehumidifiers with a function dedicated to drying clothes by emitting hot air.

How to choose the dehumidifier

There are various types of dehumidifiers on the market, each of which is able to adapt to the needs of the home. This is why, before buying, you need to take a look at the available models and evaluate aspects such as:

• Type. The dehumidifiers are divided into laptops, built-in and passive. The former are particularly comfortable as they can be transported from one room to another and are equipped with a water collection tank during the air drying process. The latter, although more expensive, are distinguished by the excellent quality consumption-performance and the high number of features. The latter, however, are suitable for small spaces due to reduced power and are an advantageous choice for seasonal use, considering that their duration is about six months.

• The engine. A further distinction between the products available on the market is related to the presence or absence of the engine. In the first case they are electric dehumidifiers, different for costs, properties and functions. They can have the function of energy saving, different dehumidification capacities, a timer to adjust its use even during the night and the antifreeze system, among others. Chemists or natural, however, do not require the use of electricity and are characterized by their craftsmanship. They are priced lower, but they are less reliable and suitable for small spaces.

• Appearance. Aesthetics and functionality play an important part. An electronic panel is not only more practical to use on a daily basis, but also able to give a technological touch to the home, unlike a manual control. The dimensions also count: while a small dehumidifier can be easily transported, a large one has the advantage of superior performance. Four solid wheels, a weight that does not exceed 15 kg and a retractable handle are elements to take into account if you are looking for maximum functionality.