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Keys to choose office chairs

Office chairs often go unnoticed in the workplace. However, its importance is capital, and is that there are few elements in an office or any other work environment that have a higher relevance. Do not think more than the time that many workers spend in their seats to understand. Office chairs are largely responsible for the health of different professionals as far as back injuries and other problems are concerned. Thus, if you know how to properly choose the seat of your job you will enjoy excellent working conditions, all to perform at your best with a comfort that you may not have experienced before in your professional environment.

How to properly adjust office chairs?

It is essential when covering the market of office chairs to understand that not all are equal and that, in many cases, their elements are not the most suitable to spend hours of work or study in them. A chair intended for professional use will always have a series of pieces that must be present indisputably. One of the most important is the ergonomic backrest that provides support in the lumbar area and cervical. A seat adapted to your needs, a headrest and, whenever possible, a support for the feet are other elements to consider. Apart from that, it is advisable that the materials are breathable and flexible to make your body feel natural when you are in it.

That office chairs should be adjustable is fundamental. However, as important as this is knowing how to properly adapt the different elements of your chair, as a bad configuration will cause the chosen model does not suit you and, therefore, is uncomfortable and harmful to your health. When adjusting the height, make sure that your elbows maintain an angle as straight as possible with your desk or computer. The back should be completely straight and supported on the lumbar support and the knees at an angle of ninety degrees. By getting this position, you will know that your office chair is perfectly adjusted to your needs.

How to choose office chairs?

- Make sure that the office chair you choose has a suitable lumbar support. Most of the injuries occur in this area, and that is that straight back models are not too advisable to spend many hours. The ergonomic office chairs will save you many problems in this regard.

- Think about the mobility of your chair to choose one type of wheels or another. There are models adapted to almost any surface, since it is not the same as your seat has to move by carpet than by parquet or any other hard floor.

- If you want extra comfort, models that have a small headrest are ideal to get the muscles of your neck free of unnecessary tension.

- The chair you choose must have breathable and flexible materials. There are many compounds of this type that will allow the skin of your back to breathe naturally to get an extra comfort and, of course, health.