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Electric fans have been a source of relief on sultry days since they were invented in 1886 by the American engineer Schuyler Wheeler. Since then, technology has made great strides, but in most cases the basic concept has remained unchanged: an electric motor that drives blades creating a fresh air current.

Today, however, there is a wide variety of choices on the market, with models of variable size and power and in some cases with a completely revolutionary design.

How to choose desk fan

The first question to ask yourself when buying a table fan is: how big is the area to be refreshed? In other words, what should be the ideal range?

Depending on the answer, it is possible to opt for models with larger or smaller blades and with more or less power. However, it should be remembered that as the size and power increase, the consumption and the noise generated by the appliance also increase.

Similarly you can choose between fixed models and models equipped instead with a motor able to rotate the fan in a horizontal direction. With the latter it will be possible to refresh more people located in different parts of the room, an ideal solution for example in an office.

Always for similar needs it will be possible to opt for models with adjustable speed, so that depending on the heat and the number of people it is possible to opt for the most appropriate blade rotation program.

If, on the other hand, the fan is to be used by one person and the criterion of preference is transportability, the ideal solution may be the mini USB fans to be attached directly to the PC.

Finally, today there are new models that are completely innovative: bladeless fans. They look like a simple empty circle that produces a sort of mini tornado through an aspirator at the base: the power of the flow is decidedly greater compared to traditional models but the device is even quieter. However, prices are higher.