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Define time with the elegance of table clocks

Table clocks do not just indicate the time. Classic or more extravagant shapes, express your style and decorate your home. The variety of materials available is equally varied: from metal clocks to wooden clocks, through glass or silicone variants, finding the model that best meets your tastes will be simple and even fun.

Table clocks: traditional or multifunction?

In addition to the models with alarm function, date display and temperature sensors, you can find table clocks equipped with voice activation, adaptive brightness, USB connectors and weather stations, complete with day forecasts. In case you didn't need too many extra accessories, you can bet on an essential and economical model; if you are looking for a handyman solution, multi-function watches can help you.

How to choose table clocks?

- If you are in doubt about the watch best suited to your decor, favor the essential lines and glass models, which are well suited to the most varied combinations of colors and patterns. Do you want to bring a touch of vintage style to shelves, desks and shelves? Opt for a watch with a baroque taste, with bronze and brass profiling, or for a variant in solid wood, perhaps with hand-made inlays - If, due to sight problems, you struggle to read the hours, choose a clock with a large dial or display, with large numbers and in contrasting colors.