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Reflex cameras: inseparable companions for enthusiasts and professionals

The SLR camera has always been the favorite device for professional photographers and amateurs looking for the perfect shot. The ability to choose custom settings for any photo and to change lenses, depending on your preferences or needs, are two of the main differences that distinguish them from compact cameras. The digital revolution has meant that sophisticated film cameras, used by photographers or paparazzi in search of the scoop, quickly gave way to cameras with digital memory. There are still many nostalgics of the analog age, looking for vintage cameras, while professional digital cameras become more sophisticated and performing every day.

Why buy a SLR camera?

The options when buying a new camera are many. Between professional devices and mid-range items, recommended to amateurs, each camera has its own strengths and, conversely, some limitations. In the recent past, the universe of digital cameras has radically changed. Not only compact cameras with an integrated lens but also mirrorless cameras have come into competition with the ever-current reflex machines. The latter remain the preferred choice for those who photograph by profession, thanks above all to a large set of functions and adjustments possible for each lens mounted. The general quality of the photos obtained, in any condition of brightness, still makes the needle of the scales fall to the disfavour of the mirrorless that, unlike the larger professional cousins, do not use a mirror mounted between sensor and lens. If almost all photographers and those who study photography by passion, choose digital cameras with mirror, the reasons are to be found in the general quality of some basic functions, such as autofocus, image processing and storage and possibility to use complex accessories that add value to a photo. Many of the digital cameras that mount a mirror between the sensor and the lens, are on the market in a basic package that includes only the camera body, combined with necessary accessories, such as the battery pack, desktop charger or digital memories. When you already have compatible lenses, you can purchase only the camera body. Alternatively, you can opt for a package that includes one or more lenses.

How to choose between SLR cameras?

- Evaluate the type of use you intend to make of it. Some basic models have all the most important features: the basic cameras are also ideal for teaching, in schools or photography courses. The most experienced and professional, on the other hand, point towards high-end models, with innovative features and excellent performance in every context

- Check that the camera actually has the functions that interest you. Complexity of the management software, ISO sensitivity for photos of good quality even in conditions of precarious brightness, autofocus speed, accuracy of the optical viewfinder and possibility to frame directly from the LCD during shooting, are some of the variables to consider

- Some models, in addition to taking pictures, also allow you to shoot videos in high resolution. The films produced are usually comparable in quality to those obtained with a professional video camera. Shooting video with a camera is however more difficult with regard to focusing and stabilizing operations. For this, compatible accessories exist, able to transform it into a sort of video camera.

- Check the options related to connectivity. Some machines have a Bluetooth interface and Wi-Fi or even a 3G module, to transfer or publish the photos you have just taken over the network