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The dining tables are the core of every room. All the furniture is distributed around them, and they are the perfect place to meet with family or friends on a special occasion, to celebrate a birthday or just have a nice time with the people you love the most.

Therefore, it is very important to know, when buying the table for our dining room, the type is more suited to our needs, because, in addition to having the capacity and necessary form, will also have to be in harmony with the rest of the furniture in your living room

Which dining table to choose?

There are several factors to take into account when choosing the most suitable table for our dining room:

• The main element is the space that we have in the room to accommodate our table. The amplitude of this room will condition the type of furniture that we can install in it, since it will not be the same in a room of large dimensions, than in a smaller one. Nor will it be the same if we have room to install it in a more central position, or on the contrary arrange it next to any of the walls or any corner of the room.

• The table will also have to be consistent with the rest of the furniture in our dining room. There is a great variety of different models and styles. In this way, we can opt for a more innovative and modern design in more up-to-date rooms, or on the contrary a more classic table for dining rooms that present a much more traditional cut or a more rustic style.

• Another of the main elements when making us with the ideal table for our dining room is the use that we are going to give it. Therefore, we must buy a table with a more practical and functional style, if we plan to use this furniture in our daily routine for lunch or dinner, and even to work or do homework about it. While we can choose a more decorative design if we are only going to use it for special occasions.

What kind of dining tables can we find?

The shapes and sizes of dining tables that exist in the market are multiple. We can group them mainly into four types, according to the aspect of it:

• Rectangular table: Rectangular tables are the most popular in today's homes. Formed by two laterals of greater extension, while the headers are of a smaller dimension, where diners would sit to preside over the table. They are ideal for a better use of space.

• Square table: This type of table is characterized by a more compact style. Each of the parts of the table are equidistant, so diners will be distributed equally around it. Most are usually extensible, so we can extend it without any problem when we need more capacity.

• Roundtable: The round tables allow for better interaction with diners, and can accommodate a larger number of people without having corners, thus allowing a better use of their capacity. Many of them also offer the possibility of making them extensible.

• Oval table: Perhaps they are the most unusual. It is a hybrid between rectangular and round tables, with softer shapes.

As for the materials, we can also find a wide variety, such as dining table made of wood, glass, wrought iron, marble and even with combined materials in which the legs are made with a different material from the top. The most important thing, that it is resistant and durable.

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