Directors Chairs

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Action! An iconic symbol of the glossy world of cinema, old Hollywood and the dreams of glory of young directors who have become cult, today the director's chair is a piece of furniture, available in different variations, which is well suited to an informal living room, to a studio or outdoor spaces.

How did the director's chair come about?

The origins of this design object, characterized by lightness and functionality, date back to ancient Egypt, where army officers are said to have brought a folding chair with them. Whether it's a movie set or a camp, this chair has represented authority for millennia. Its clean lines, essential design, wooden structure with fabric lining make it a simple yet effective element, which will attract attention in the living room or in the garden, giving a touch of style to your spaces.

How to choose a director's chair

- The structure of these chairs is made of wood, metal or plastic. Your choice depends on where you want to use it: consider the lightness of the piece if you plan to move it often from the outside to the inside - The traditional seat and back are those in fabric, which you find in all colors and also in colorful patterns. Unleash your creativity between innovative fabrics and design prints to give a unique touch to the furniture