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Inescapable, here is the word for these linens that we can not do without. They complete the drying of the dishes for a perfect hygiene. Carefully wiping plates, glasses and dishes also helps to avoid unsightly water stains. Once stored in the cupboards and drawers, the kitchen utensils are ready to be used again. But that's not all. The dishcloths hang near the sink or stove. Suffice to say that they have a better interest in being beautiful since they are prominent. On this side, no problem, because you have a multitude of models, from the most sober to the most original. Lovers of our grandmothers' linen will rediscover nostalgically monochrome checkered sets. Washable at high temperatures, up to 95 ° C, and chlorine resistant, they iron to perfection. Some are specially designed for glasses. Ideal to give them the shine they deserve. The microfiber versions confer particular brilliance exceptional, difficult to obtain otherwise. As for fans of fancy dish towels, they can have fun and in any way possible. From printed models of culinary accessories to amusing texts, towels and tea towels have the potential of decorative objects. So, we show them with pride. Needless to say, we do not hesitate to coordinate them with the rest of the furniture and ornaments.

What are the towels and dish towels?

Of course, they do not just dry the dishes, even if it is their primary use. They also have the role of wiping hands or counters. A drop of water on the table, a splash of oil during cooking? Use one of your tea towels to make them disappear in the blink of an eye. Well absorbent, terry cloths are very popular for the biggest damage. Aligned in rows of onions, it is convenient to have several of them as needed. But no question of mixing them. You will want to choose towels of different colors to differentiate their function: hand towels, dishes, cooking, etc. Another mission may be entrusted to them: that of receiving food in a tray. Bread, toasts, biscuits will be more pleasantly presented in this form. For meals with family or friends, it's a charming and friendly idea. In this case, you will elect a dish towel or a patterned towel. The color gives cheerfulness, but you can also select a embroidered model, white or ivory.

How to choose your tea towels and kitchen towels?

- To hang them without any problem with hooks, make sure they are already equipped with a clip.

- Make sure your tea towels are in harmony with each other to create a unit.

- Check the washing temperature according to the type of textile: the higher it is, the more your laundry can be thoroughly cleaned.

- Check the weaving: tight, it makes wiping more efficient and the towel more durable.