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Having become a cult object for all lovers of music, the DJ headphones are an indispensable tool for DJs, amateurs or professionals, but also a useful accessory for those who want to enjoy music eliminating the hassle of external noise.

The first closed-ear headphones were invented in the US in the early twentieth century and traded between individuals in the '40s, becoming a music accessory among the most beloved. Today there are several models, with or without wires, connectable to different devices or professional consoles; made in different shapes, materials and colors, suitable for children and adults.

Which DJ headphones to buy?

When choosing a pair of DJ headphones, it is useful to evaluate:

• the frequency response, expressed in Herz (HZ), which affects the listening quality of the headphones;

• the sensitivity, expressed in decibels (dB) and representing the volume that the headphones are able to reach;

• impedance, which determines the quality of the sound: the higher it is, the better the sound quality will be.

You can then opt for closed headphones that, through ear cushions, completely isolate the ear from external sounds; and open and semi-open headphones, more comfortable but less insulating.

Very practical and compact are on-ear headphones or sovraurali, smaller, leaning directly over the ear without covering completely and very often have a foldable structure.

Among the DJ headphones we find traditional models with cable or wireless and Bluetooth, directly connectable to the various devices.

Are you looking for DJ headphones? Discover the many models available in this collection dedicated to DJ and VJ equipment and find the one that best suits your needs.