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Since very young, children feel a strong attraction towards swings and swings. According to some theories this would be due to the fact that the rocking reminds them of the movements they felt when they were in the belly of the mother and this is why they are calmed when they are rocked. When they are older, then, going on the swing they begin to develop a taste for speed and the first strong emotions.

That's why the swing is one of their favorite rides. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to find the time to take them to the playground and not everyone has a garden in which to install a swing. Today, however, door swings are on the market to be installed inside the house. Safe and functional, they allow the child to have fun swinging and hopping whenever he wants, regardless of the time and weather conditions.

How to choose the swing door

The door swings are installed in a simple way: they have a pincer hanging that hooks just above the transversal jamb of a door and whose closure is made even stronger by a safety strap. There is therefore no need to drill holes and the object is easily transportable and applicable on another door.

The height, age and weight of the child are three fundamental factors in choosing the right model.

For safety reasons, it is a good idea to check the maximum sustainable weight of the swing. The purchase of a resistant model with an adjustable seat height will allow the child to play for a long time with his swing.

The length of the hanging system is adjustable, so that the child can rest his feet on the ground: in this way he will be able to rock himself by bouncing or bouncing, taking advantage of the elastic properties of the suspension cables.

For younger children there are models with thicker padding and with a plastic structure around the seat, so that they are more protected from impacts against the side jambs.