Doughnut Makers

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"Not all donuts do with the hole", unless you use a professional donut machine. Whether it's the colorful American donuts glazed on the surface with sugar or chocolate pralines or the classic donuts with a simple recipe, ideal for breakfasts and breaks of pleasure, the donut machines are able to churn out a number of pieces in a short time, solving the dessert problem and shortening the baking time.

How to choose the donut machine

If the recipes dedicated to the preparation of the donuts depend on personal taste, the diet or the diet followed, the choice of the donut machine will be based on the number of donuts that we intend to produce but also on the multifunctionality of the machine itself.

The donut machine models available range from simple tools with fixed plates to those with interchangeable plates for the creation of different types of cakes, such as waffles, muffins, cupcakes and much more.

The plate is generally pitted and made of non-stick material with central pins in each hole, in order to create the typical central hole. It is an appliance easy to use as it involves pouring the dough directly into the appropriate compartments, after heating the plate itself. Once the temperature has been reached (indicated by a light or acoustic sensor) it is necessary to close the machine just like a toaster and, depending on the model, wait for the sensors to signal the cooking (with the possibility to check the mixture inside ). The amount of dough poured into the holes should not exceed the rim since, during cooking, too much paste can cause an excess of steam which could easily cause the appliance to malfunction. It is advisable to extract the cooked donuts using not sharp tools, but soft pallets that do not damage the surface of the plate.

The cleaning and maintenance of the machinery must be done after each use with brushes to remove the crumbs or wet cloths, without ever submerging it in water. In case of extractable plates, the component used can be washed by hand.