Drawing Tables

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If you work as a graphic designer, architect, illustrator or you like to draw freehand, the drawing board is a tool you can't give up. This type of support, characterized by a large surface, offers you a stable and adjustable work surface at will. With or without drawing board, with horizontal or vertical orientation, you will always have a great ally for every technical or artistic project.

Drawing board: professional or school?

If you do a high-precision job or need a support base for medium to large sizes, a professional table is the best choice. If, on the other hand, you do not need large drawing surfaces, or if you are looking for a support to be used exclusively for children's tasks, a school table will be fine, with or without under-counter.

How to choose a drawing table?

- Carefully evaluate the dimensions of the work plan, based on the projects you intend to carry out

- Choose the table material, taking into account its physical properties: the wood, for example, is rough and allows you to better fix the sheets; however, the glass is more uniform and more resistant to some drawing instruments

- If you need to have your materials always close at hand, focus on a design table equipped with pen holders, stationery containers and drawers for books and notebooks

- If you want the drawing table to accompany you in all your travels, opt for a briefcase model, practical and convenient to carry