Dressing Tables

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Are you in the bathroom so slowly the place for make-up utensils, creams, nail polish and all the many other beauty products? Then you should get yourself a dressing table, where you can not only make-up and make up for the day or the evening party, but also enough drawers, drawers and storage options for all the things you need for your beauty.

Make-up tables are best placed in the bedroom. There you have enough peace in the morning, while the day in the bath usually begins hectic - especially if you share it with one or more people. Leave the bathroom to the others and retire after showering and brushing your teeth in the bedroom to your dressing table!

Dressing table classic and modern

A dressing table is a classic piece of furniture that was once indispensable for the ladies of fine society. Accordingly, the design of the table was feminine, playful and often decorated. Even today, make-up tables based on historical styles are still very popular. If you want to buy a classic, romantic dressing table, it should harmonize with your other furnishings. Otherwise he could be misplaced and exaggerated. If he fits, however, then a make-up table is much more than just a practical piece of furniture, but is a great eye-catcher of the room.

If you prefer a modern look to your interior, you do not have to do without a dressing table. Modern make-up tables are simple and simple, have clean lines without flourishes or embellishments and thus fit perfectly into a modern environment. This makes them a timeless piece of furniture that can serve you well for a long time.

This should be considered when buying a dressing table

In addition to the choice of style and color, you should consider a few more points when buying a make-up table.

Above all, the number of existing drawers is important. If you want to store a lot in your dressing table, you also need a lot of storage space. Drawers are ideal for this purpose because you can keep your utensils separate - depending on the subject, this can be, for example, make-up, hair accessories, nail polish or jewelery. Keeping things tidy: All the important things are in one place and also stowed away from sight.

Think about how many mirrors your dressing table should have. Normally you can choose between one and three mirrors. If you only want make-up on the table, a model with a mirror is sufficient. Three mirrors are perfect if you also want to use the table to styling your hair, because then you can examine your look from all sides.

The ideal location for your dressing table

Before you buy your dressing table you should choose a suitable location. This should be bright and, if possible, illuminated by natural light, as the effect of make-up can best be assessed in daylight. If daylight is not enough, there is also good artificial lighting on or near the mirror. Choose a light source with the most natural light possible. This should fall from the front and not from the top of your face, because the latter makes ugly shadows and also complicates the make-up.

Dressing tables are almost always sold in combination with a seat. This can be a stool or a small bench. When choosing the location you should also plan enough space for this additional piece of furniture. So that table and seating harmoniously fit into the room, when buying a dressing table, make sure that the size of the complete set is adapted to the size of the room.