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The drum is among all the musical instruments that man has invented so, with the elders. This does not mean that it is dusty. But on the contrary. Even today, it is one of the most popular instruments. It provides an easy entry into the music and still offers enough opportunities to be exciting even after a long time. Incidentally, many forms have developed in the long history of the drum. Not only those we know from the drums, but also other variants that can be sat on, for example.

When was the drum invented?

Unfortunately, when the drum was invented can not be limited. Even where this actually comes from, can not say. Much more, it is probably the case that the instrument has been developed differently in different parts of the world. The oldest finds from Europe, for example, were mostly made of ceramics and had an hourglass-like shape. The oldest finds date back to 3000 BC. In Asia, however, the drum was made of wood and usually covered with a crocodile skin. In ancient Egypt, the instrument again had a cylindrical shape. Therefore, it can be assumed that the drum was not created in one, but in many places at different times.

Which types of drum are all parts of a drum kit?

If you think about the drum today, you probably first think of the drums, which actually consists of several models. One of them is the so-called snare, which has a rather higher tone. The bass drum in turn has a relatively low sound and is operated with the foot. One last component is the Tomtom drum.