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Are you thinking of toning your arms? Do you want to start training at home or expand the variety of routine exercises you perform? In that case, working with dumbbells can be very useful. This training piece can help you work different parts of the lower body, such as arms, pectorals, shoulders or back. The variety of models and prices available in our catalog is very broad, and adapts to any training need and preference.

What should you look for to choose the right dumbbells?

Keep in mind that the material you use to train must be adequate to avoid possible injuries, appropriate to the type of physical activity you perform and adapted to your shape and possibilities. Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself to correctly choose which cufflinks to buy:

• What type of dumbbell do I need? Depending on the exercises you want to do, you will need dumbbells that allow you to increase your weight (adjustable dumbbells), or always have the same (fixed weight dumbbells).

• What types of exercises do I want to do? There are standard dumbbells, but there are also specific dumbbells for certain activities, such as dumbbells for fitness, yoga or bodybuilding. It is important that you look at the description of each model.

• With what weight do I want to work? You can find dumbbells in different sizes and models. You also have the option to buy a dumbbell kit, which includes several fixed dumbbells, or adjustable dumbbells and several discs of different weights.

• How often will I use them? If you intend to train daily with the dumbbells that you are going to buy, it is best to choose the ones that guarantee longer durability.

Are you looking for the ideal dumbbells? View this dumbbell collection.