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Beginners and professionals love it - the electric bass for musical favorites

The name e-bass hides an instrument that works like a guitar, but is plucked exclusively and produces very low notes. The electric bass is usually made of high quality wood. Unlike many other guitars that have a resonator, but it is made of a solid piece of wood. The neck of the bass guitar is longer than the neck of the simple concert guitars. Since this bass produces only soft sounds, it is usually amplified as electric bass with electric power. An electromagnetic pickup ensures the transmission of the signals produced by the movements of the strings to the amplifier. These cool electric models are available from many well-known manufacturers in classic and modern designs. Therefore, all young and older musicians find the right instrument in this huge selection.

Strings, pots and other accessories

On the wooden body of the electric bass guitar are in addition to the strings and many buttons with which, among other things, the sounds can be adjusted. Many models are traditionally similar in shape to an eight, making it easy to pick up and play all the notes on the strings. Since the electric bass guitar does not need any resonator and can always be made as a solid piece, the imagination in producing no limits to the shape of these guitars. Of all well-known manufacturers there is therefore also a variety of modern and visually appealing forms to discover that fit perfectly into the world of music making. Only the load capacity and the grip of the strings determine the shape of these electric bass guitars. At concerts, the electric bass is an integral part of the scenery on stage. The colors black and white and red are next to natural wood tones to the most popular shades in the bassists. Often, several colors are processed on an electric bass guitar, so that form and color complement each other visually striking. Even the long neck is always harmoniously and stylishly integrated into the trendy design of the guitar. Some concert basses are even equipped with LEDs that light up in different tone sequences. Accessories for the beautiful bass are, like the instrument itself, in different styles, so that, for example, can also be found in the vintage style Potiknöpfe. Strings can be easily exchanged in a few simple steps.

Versatile use

Since an electric bass can be equipped with up to twelve strings, it offers a wide range of different tones and pitches. As a rule, a bass made of solid wood but only equipped with four strings. Therefore, the instrument is also suitable for beginners. The four-string electric bass offers the tone sequence E, A, D and G. The electric bass is therefore used in particular for pieces from the areas of jazz, dance music, rock and hit. Many blues pieces and improvised jazz are also accompanied by a cool electric bass guitar.

The love of music - the individual kit

The electric bass is not only from many well-known manufacturers such as Cherrystone and Dean Guitars as a complete musical instrument that can be played from the first second. Some companies also offer kits that allow music fans to assemble their own individual instrument. Among other things, the company Rocktile offers an electric bass guitar as a kit, which can be played after a few hours. In addition to the solid body are the neck, the pickup and many screws and other small parts in the package. Everything is ready for assembly, so that the fun of playing is twice as big, because in the hands of the musicians hold an electric bass from their own workshop. With a modern tuner that shows all sounds on the display, the new instrument is quickly adjusted. Here you will find your new visually appealing electric bass guitar in many shapes and colors, which reproduces all sounds of your favorite music pieces accurately.