Electric Can Openers

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The use of cans to store food was introduced in the 18th century by the Dutch navy. Thanks to the hermetic closure, the cans were ideal for preserving food from corruption and mice. Unfortunately they were also very difficult to open and for the first cans were necessary hammer and chisel. In the following century, ever thinner cans appeared and the tools necessary to open them were opened: the can opener. But it is only in the '30s of the' 900 that they see the light, in the US, the electric can openers, able to make it easier and faster to open the cans, without the risk of cutting with the blade of the tool or the edge sharp of the can.

How to choose an electric can opener

Even today the electric can opener is a tool that facilitates and facilitates the life of those who often stay in the kitchen, for work or for passion. Using it you can open in a very short time and effortlessly a large number of jars (tuna, canned, peaches in syrup, canned meat) to have all the necessary ingredients at your fingertips.

There are very different models. First of all there are the vertical and fixed models: they are small towers to be placed at the table or even screwed to the wall near a socket. The head containing the blade should be raised to position the can and then lowered to operate the mechanism: the box will rotate on itself while the lid will be cut away.

There are also transportable models, both with current and battery wires. There are electric versions of the classic wheel opener that can be held with one hand: they are applied to the edge of the can and the circular blade is operated by pressing a lever.

Or there are models similar to the mouse: they rest on the lid of the can, which are fixed thanks to a magnet. By pressing a button, the blade will come into operation making a clean and perfectly circular cut.