Electric Griddles

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Electric griddles are practical and versatile kitchen appliances. They allow to heat and cook a wide variety of foods, from steaks to toasts, from skewers to sandwiches, in a reduced amount of time and with very little effort and preparation.

How to choose an electric grill

The main advantage of an electric grill is that it has two resealable plates, one upper and one lower, which are heated to the same extent. A steak will then be cooked at the same time on both sides and there will be no need to turn it. In the same way, a sandwich or toast can be toasted on both sides, allowing the bread to become crunchy and the stuffing ingredients to heat up or melt. In both cases the preparation times will be halved.

The possibility to adjust the temperature and the warning lights that warn when the plates are ready for cooking make the electric griddles particularly easy to use.

There are some tricks of the design of the appliance that make some models particularly versatile.

Some for example allow you to adjust the distance between the two plates, so that the food is not too pressed.

Others allow you to open the grill as if it were a book: you can then cook sausages and skewers as on a double-plate barbecue.

Finally some models are equipped with oven mode: they have a pan that keeps the food in suspension between one plate and the other, without a direct contact with the heating surfaces.

Who does not want to spend too much time cleaning the grill, can opt for models equipped with grooves that drain the grease and liquids in removable tanks and that allow you to remove the plates and put them in the dishwasher.

On the other hand, those with space problems can opt for compact models that can be resealed to a case and have a compartment to hold the power cord: the grill pan can be stored in a vertical position.