Electric Grills

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For lovers of barbecue and grilled foods, an electric grill will be the ideal solution to organize a barbecue anywhere and anytime.

The electric grill is practical and quick to use and grills any type of food in a short time without creating smoke, leaving the flavor unaltered. It is therefore suitable to be used even in small spaces, inside the house or on the balcony.

How to choose an electric grill

There are various types of electric grills with different functions. You can find grills, stone plates and plates for raclette.

Depending on the number of people for which you will go to cook, there are more or less compact grids; the larger models are often equipped with separate resistors that allow the use of only one part of the grid. Instead, the power determines the cooking speed and the energy consumption. Depending on the model, you can have the option of adjusting the distance between the food and the heat as well as the operating temperature.

How to use an electric grill

To cook using an electric grid in complete safety, it is advisable to place it on a stable surface and away from highly flammable objects.

To prevent food from sticking to the plate, it is important to ensure that the surface has reached the desired temperature; this will take approximately 15 minutes. Some models also include specific cooking modes for different types of food.

Before cleaning the grill, it is advisable to completely cool it. To remove any grease residues or encrustations you can use a brush with steel bristles, and then proceed with the more traditional washing with water and detergent; some plates can instead be washed in the dishwasher.