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The electric guitar is the queen par excellence of musical instruments during rock concerts. There are many world-famous singers who accompany this instrument during their performances, first of all Peter Green, which electric guitar was sold at auction for 1,200,000 pounds.

The birth of the electric guitar dates back almost 100 years. At the beginning of the 20th century, its launch on the world market took place thanks to the Swiss inventor Adolph Rickenbacker. Given the need to bring out more of the guitar sound during the concerts, the electric version was invented with the addition of an external transformer, capable of converting the vibrations of the strings into electrical impulses.

Models of electric guitars

The first difference visible to the human eye between the electric guitar, the classical one and the acoustic model, lies in the fact that the last two have a very similar shape, with a circular hole in the middle, while the former has a compact shape. The classical guitar and the acoustic one, through the harmonic box, give off a natural sound, on the contrary instead of the electric guitar where the sound is altered by an amplifier called pick-up. The electric guitar also has a smaller keyboard than the other two and is played using steel ropes instead of nylon ones.

Depending on the desired model, electric guitars fall into a higher price range than the classical and acoustic types. The base price of an electric guitar for children starts at € 60, while for the most sought after types you can even reach € 800.

The existing types of electric guitar are divided according to the structure of their body. The most common ones have a massive body and are composed of a unique wooden board that makes them suitable for playing Punk and Metal music. Semi-empty models have two tonal chambers with a wooden board in the center and are used for Rock and Roll tracks. For jazz music, guitars with a completely empty soundbox are preferred.

How to choose an electric guitar

After having decided the type of electric guitar model to invest in, you need to evaluate more specific aspects, such as the versions of the existing models, their practicality and also the type of pick-up (or transducer):

• In addition to differentiating themselves for their body, each electric guitar has different components inside that determine its sound, price and edition.

The cheaper versions are called "special" because they do not have any kind of detail and are often manufactured with basic material. Those at the average cost are the so-called "standards", on which you can find some more functions than the special ones. The most complete version is instead the "custom". With this model you can get any kind of customization and detail.

• The guitar is an extension of your body for every musician, so it is very important that it is light, easy to handle and comfortable to use, both when seated and standing.

• To change the sound to your liking, there are small tools called pick-ups. The first type is made of copper, is particularly suitable for playing medium-high tones and is called single-coil. The humbucker pick-ups were instead launched on the market in 1955 by the American Seth Lover and are used for the low and deep tones.

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