Electric Heaters

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Maintaining an adequate temperature in all the rooms of your home is not always easy, especially in the colder months. Depending on the size and power, the electric heaters can work alongside a traditional heating system or replace it altogether. In general, smaller stoves are easier to transport and can be a convenient solution for heating small rooms, such as the office or certain corners of the home.

Types of electric heaters

There are various types of electric heaters, different in shape, size and power, but especially for the method of operation.

The traditional electric heaters, also called fan heaters, produce heat thanks to a metal or ceramic resistance; these are very powerful appliances, thanks to which even large rooms can be heated quickly.

In halogen or quartz electric heaters, instead, the warmth is generated by lamps that heat by radiation; these are ideal for small environments and easy to transport. The infrared electric heaters, finally, emit heat in the form of infrared rays, allowing to heat only the areas that come into contact with the produced wave beam.

How to choose an electric stove

To choose the electric heater that best suits your needs, we recommend taking into consideration the dimensions of the room to be heated; a traditional stove will be needed for a spacious room, while a halogen or quartz stove will suffice for a small bathroom or bedroom.

Another factor to take into consideration is the power of the stove: this data also provides indications on the consumption of the appliance.

On the market you can find models of stoves with different functionalities; if you want your home or office to be hot when you arrive, we recommend buying a model with programmable ignition times.