Electric Pressure Cookers

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Due to our tight routines, we always end up resorting to fast and unfinished dishes that take us to a gastronomic loop from which it is very difficult to escape: a vicious circle insipid and boring. The main handicap at the time of cooking is the lack of time, but who does not enjoy a good stew? Luckily, today we have articles that make this question much easier, such as programmable electric cooking pots.

What is a programmable electric cooker?

The programmable pots are the electric and improved version of the traditional pots. With them, we can define the pressure and predetermine the cooking time necessary for the preparation of our plate. In this way, you will only have to put the ingredients inside and forget about it until the recipe is ready to serve. Thanks to the electric pots you will save time in both cooking and cleaning, since you will not need more than this cubicle to make your dish. Some can be activated alone at a pre-set time, so if you spend the day away from home, you can have your food fresh when you return.

Is a programmable electric cooker the same as a food processor?

Many times the concepts of programmable pot and food processor can be confused, since in addition to having a similar aspect, they have a series of functions in common: both devices are programmable and allow to cook food inside them. But, there are other things that make them differ. For example, a programmable electric cooker can not crush or knead food, which could be done by a food processor. Consequently, pots consume less energy and are cheaper than robots, as well as easier to clean.