Electrical Fireplaces

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Technology does not stop evolving and surprising us with new proposals for improvement for our comfort and, one of the places where the technology industry has appeared most strongly, is at home. Technology has revolutionized our homes with a large number of facilities that favor a comfortable and comfortable environment. This is the case of electric fireplaces, which also offer much more security than a standard wood burning fireplace.

What are the advantages of electric fireplaces?

• Conventional fireplaces are a potential danger, because fire can get out of control and you can ignite any element near them with surprising ease. This potential danger disappears completely with electric chimneys.

• Another of the great advantages compared to traditional chimneys, is that the electric do not emit smoke. In this way neither the furniture nor the clothes are impregnated of any type of odors, and our body does not suffer from being constantly breathing dangerous vapors.

• Closely related to the previous points, another advantage is that electric chimneys do not dirty (by not emitting smoke or generate ashes) and do not require cleaning much more complex than a conventional radiator.

• Traditional chimneys are embedded in the wall with a complex work and can not be replaced quickly. On the other hand, the electric chimneys just need a few simple steps for installation.

• Electric fireplaces can be fixed or mobile. Some electric fireplaces allow their incrustation in the wall like the traditional ones, but most are mobile elements, that is, we can move them from one place to another quite easily.

• They are very easy to use. They turn on and off in a simple and almost instantaneous way. In addition, some can be controlled remotely by means of controls or even with our own mobile phone.

• Although some of these chimneys can trigger electricity consumption, we can find several low consumption models that, in the long run, will save us a lot of money.

• The last advantage, though not the least, is that electric fireplaces are a trend in interior design. They will bring to any room in your home a touch of class and incomparable sophistication.

What types of electric fireplaces are there?

The market offers us a wide range of electric fireplaces with different characteristics. Choosing one model or another will only depend on one factor: that it meets all your needs.

• These fireplaces are adapted to any type of home, be it a house, an apartment, an apartment, a studio, etc. Depending on the space you have in your home, you can choose one size or another electric fireplace.

• The most common colors are white and black, colors that continue to evoke the humble memories of winter evenings in the light of the flames of an ancient fireplace. Depending on the decoration of the property, one color or another will be more convenient, although both, being neutral, fit with any style easily.

• These chimneys can have a glass through which you can see a false fire flames -as if it were a wood stove-, they can have a front screen that simulates burning logs or even have LED technology.

• Another important factor to consider when buying an electric fireplace is the power. At least 100 watts of power is required for each square meter of the room, so if the surface of your room is 15 square meters, you must purchase an electric fireplace of at least 1,500 watts.