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Keyboard - versatile electronic musical instrument for beginners and advanced

The electronic keyboard is a modern development of the piano. This is reminiscent of the keyboard with their white and black stop buttons. Modern keyboards can be played like a piano.

In terms of dimensions, the keyboard is much smaller and lighter than the piano. The sounds are simulated electronically, opening up a variety of possibilities for the game. Well-equipped devices offer hundreds of sounds and timbres that can be individually expanded by downloads.

How does a keyboard work?

The keyboard needs electricity as an electronic musical instrument. A permanent connection to a power source must be secured while playing. This can be a problem at street concerts. Many musicians make do with large and powerful batteries that ensure the keyboard game for a long time.

Once you have connected the keyboard to the mains and switched it on, you have a lot of possibilities with regard to the sounds and sounds. You can play the keyboard like a classical piano on the keyboard. Large and powerful keyboards are equipped with a complete 88-key piano keyboard and also allow the varied game in which loud and quiet sounds alternate with a special attack. These keyboards can be used as a small and easy replacement for a piano.

If you want to vary the type of instruments and add sounds to your playing, the keyboard offers almost endless possibilities. Whether organ, trumpet, flute or violin: Almost all instruments can be simulated with the keyboard by setting the appropriate timbre and operating the instrument with the keyboard.

Depending on the equipment, keyboards offer you many more options. You can connect to the PC to compose songs. Alternatively, insert memory cards to back up your compositions, or midi files to replay modern or old songs. Most keyboards also have karaoke. To do this, you use midi files that contain texts. The keyboard is connected to a television to display the texts.

The keyboard game is easy to learn without knowledge of grades. Appropriate literature is included with many keyboards for beginners. If you've never played a keyboard before and you do not know any notes, models with illuminated keys are recommended. You practice visually by striking the key that is lit up. An intelligent training system will tell you which fingers to use for the current attack and evaluate your game.

How to choose the right keyboard?

- What features are important when buying a keyboard? When purchasing, pay attention to velocity-sensitive buttons that allow you to vary the volume of your game. A memory card slot and connections for connecting to a TV and an amplifier are also recommended. If you want to learn the keyboard game first, you should pay attention to illuminated keys and an integrated electronic learning system. The connection with the PC allows the transfer of new sounds and midi files.

- How many keys should a good keyboard have? The instrument should have at least 61 keys. The optimum number is 88 keys, which correspond to a complete piano keyboard. Small models with 54 keys do not offer a large octave range. Nevertheless, they are well suited for entry.

- Which accessories must be planned when buying a keyboard? For a comfortable sitting posture and relaxed play, you need a wide stool and a stand to store the keyboard. A music stand is integrated in most models.