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Manual espresso machines are preferred by coffee lovers and experts, since they allow you to control the process of making the drink at all times. Being manual, its price is much cheaper. They come to be like the professional coffee makers in their domestic version and, although they usually work with ground coffee, we can now also find some compatible models with capsules.

Given the large market today, it can be difficult to opt for a coffee machine or another, particularly when buying an espresso machine. Therefore, below, we present a small basic guide with the most important features to consider.

How to choose the ideal espresso machine for me?

There are many parameters to consider depending on the personal tastes of the consumer and their daily routines. The most important ones are:

• The quality of the machine: This depends on the materials used to make the coffee machine. A coffee maker made of stainless steel or aluminum will always be more robust and durable than a plastic one. However, there are intermediate options, with plastic exterior, and cast aluminum body and heaters.

• Coffee quality: This is measured by the pressure in bars. Any current espresso machine has a minimum pressure of 15 bars, more than enough to prepare a good espresso.

• Temperature: Some models allow to regulate the coffee temperature. If you like very hot coffee, make sure your machine prepares the coffee at your desired temperature.

• Rapidity when heated: Manual espresso machines have the disadvantage of taking longer to heat than modern capsule coffee machines (2-3 minutes). But there are models with ultrafast heating system, known as Thermoblock, which reaches the maximum temperature in 30 seconds and heats the water on demand, unlike boiler systems.

• Number of coffees: Most models have the capacity to make up to 2 coffees. Likewise, while some can only prepare one at a time, others allow from 3 to 4.

• Accessories: If you prefer a cappuccino to an espresso, you will need your coffee maker equipped with a steam tube to heat the milk and create the characteristic foam of this drink. Others bring a built-in coffee grinder, so that the most demanding coffee growers can use freshly ground coffee. Also, there are them with a cup warmer or hot water outlet for infusions. Whatever your favorite coffee is, there is an accessory that makes it easy for you.

• Type of coffee: Without a doubt, the most economical, healthy and ecological option is the use of ground coffee, but there are also compatible models with paper filters, and manual espresso coffee capsules, for those who are always in a hurry.

• Programmable: Normally manual coffee makers do not include this option, typical of automatic machines, but we can find some models with basic programming options.

• The size: It is a question to keep in mind, especially if there are not enough square meters in the kitchen. If you have more space, you may prefer a larger model with a larger water tank, so that you can refill less often.

• The price: We should not only look at the price of the machine, but also the maintenance cost and the coffee we have to use, especially if it is a capsule coffee machine.