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Being in a yard or garden and that your only protection from the sun's rays is a small umbrella is, apart from uncomfortable, quite dangerous. Therefore, a tent or gazebo can be a very useful tool, not only to place in the garden or terrace of your home, but also as a companion in your trips to the beach or camping. In addition, it is very useful to hold events of any kind, since there are tents and gazebos of different sizes giving you the possibility to choose the one that best suits what you need. Here, we will give you some small tips so that your choice is the most appropriate.

How to choose a tent or gazebo?

Before buying a tent or arbor, we must take into account a series of details that will help us make the best purchase decision.

Depending on the space we have, we will choose a tent or gazebo of larger or smaller dimensions. Also, it is important to think about the function we want it to perform: if we only need it for a specific celebration or if we want to install it permanently outside our home, for example. In this way, we will determine if we want it to be fixed, completely covered, foldable or if we are more interested in acquiring a gazebo.

• Folding tents: They are the best option if you are going to transport them often, since you can use them when and where you need them. They are very useful for any event and very easy to assemble and disassemble.

• The fixed tents: They are ideal to stay a certain period of time in one place. They are quite strong and solid, perfect for climates in continuous change, and you can find different materials that make this a very resistant object.

• Pavilion tents: They have a cover that ensures that neither wind nor air enters the tent directly. The type of cover can be of various materials, and may even have a mosquito net.

• Gazebos: This category is designed for celebrations and events, as it can host a large number of people, as well as being valid for all kinds of uses and activities. They are very resistant and are usually easy to transport.

Other characteristics to keep in mind

Another important aspect to consider is the size we want our tent to have. The size will depend on the number of people that we consider will be used regularly. Finally, we must also think about the climate that will be exposed to choose a material that is as durable as possible:

• Metal tents: They are quite strong and resistant to wind and rain. They are easy to assemble and are not excessively heavy. They are ideal to leave them fixed for a season, and not have to be keeping it every time we are not going to use it.

• The wood: They are also quite strong and resistant, but at the time of assembly are somewhat more complicated. This type of tent is perfect to stay fixed in your garden giving a rustic touch to your space.

• Plastic tents: This type of tents has Velcro straps for a secure fixation and a waterproof cover for greater protection against rain and sun. In addition, on our page you can find replacement ceilings in case your tent breaks down.