Fan Heaters

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You do not always have heat when you need it. No matter whether the heating is already switched off on cool spring days, it is getting fresh in the gazebo or the garage used for the workshop is freezing cold in winter - with a fan heater you will ensure well-being and satisfaction in no time. Small, compact and mobile, the practical devices quickly provide first aid and heat up properly.

Conventional and modern fan heater

Conventional devices have a spiral heating wire that is made to glow by electricity. The resulting hot air is transported by a blower outside. Many models can also serve as a fan during the summer, further expanding their capabilities. But these fan heaters have several disadvantages. So the heating wires are quite sensitive and are easily broken in case of shock or contact with water. The blower can be quite noisy and frequent use is extremely noticeable in electricity costs.

More robust, quieter, more energy-efficient and very durable are devices with ceramic heating elements. They are also not as hot as conventional fan heaters, so that penetrating dust does not burn. This ensures less odor and a cleaner indoor climate. Furthermore, with ceramic fan heaters, there is no danger of overheating because they are equipped with a regulating function.

What to look for when buying a fan heater

Depending on the environment in which you want to use the device, it should bring a corresponding performance. For households, 1,600 to 2,000 watts are recommended. Keep in mind: the higher the wattage, the greater the power consumption. With an energy-saving thermostat and a timer, you can influence the temperature and operating time. Make sure that the fan heater is equipped with automatic overheating protection and has anti-tipper that keeps the power disconnected if the unit falls over.