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When it comes to the fifth season and the streets are full of colorful parades outside, the question arises, which costume is the right one. After all, somehow you want to be cut out of the crowd and wearing the same as last year is not an option anyway. But not only to the carnival arises this problem. Meanwhile, costumes are taken all year round for all sorts of purposes from the closet. Also at masked balls, motto and private parties and the increasingly popular Halloween, we throw ourselves in shell. Yes, even at dart tournaments, some spectators are now running around dressed in costumes. So it takes almost no real occasion but just just the right disguise.

Why do we actually wear costumes?

Why we wear costumes is certainly different from person to person. Once it is historically considered, the disguise is closely linked to the spectacle. They first appeared in Greek antiquity. There you were carried on stage to better represent a character. Later, masked balls were added and costumes were worn outside of festivals. For example, the nobility could once mix with the common people. Then as now, disguise is simply a way to try things out, to expand your identity or break out of social constraints. So for many it is the way to achieve something or something that would be unthinkable without the costume. As I said, but only for some. The disguise does not always have to be an escape from reality, it can also just be fun or, just like in the play, serve a specific purpose. But we do not only wear costumes for different reasons, but also in different cultures at different times. The fact that it is disguised in the US for Halloween, certainly knew most. But costumes are also worn at Easter, as is the case in Sweden, for example, or at Christmas, as in Russia.

What do costumes say about us?

There are many articles that try to deduce the character or even the flirtation of the people based on the choice of costumes. This is completely natural, as it tries to simplify the dealings with other people. But the truth is that, first of all, our costume does not suggest our character. After all, the outsider does not know whether something is hidden or hidden. Maybe with the choice of disguise indeed a prejudice is taken. The motives to choose a particular costume are just as multifaceted as the costume itself. That also somehow makes the appeal that there is played with obvious characters without presenting the actual message too open.

What do I have to consider when buying the costumes?

The most important features when buying the costumes are certainly the creativity and the conspicuousness of these. You should decide for yourself what this is exactly, after all, at the end of the day you must have the right story about your disguise. Apart from that, costumes and their items should not be too valuable. After all, carnival is always wild and unfortunately, the loss is also a calculated risk. Also refrain from bulky and pointed objects. This tip you will thank us especially in the next crowded pub. Otherwise, the rule is just for costumes: the more colorful, the better!