Fancy Dress Costumes for Babies

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Disguising your baby can be a very fun task, but, depending on what occasions, it entails certain difficulties. And it is not easy to find the right costume for the little ones of the house, since in addition to a funny outfit, you should look for the suitable clothes that suits the special needs of your age.

What costume for baby to buy?

If you have decided to disguise your baby, you should take into account the following aspects:

• Comfort: the most important thing is that the child is comfortable, so you should look for soft fabrics and soft seams that do not irritate the skin. Also, make sure the costume is elastic and loose, so you can move freely.

• Temperature: depending on the time of year when you are going to disguise the child, choose a fabric and an appropriate design so that neither cold nor heat passes.

• Size: check the age for which the manufacturer recommends it, and the dimensions of the suit, to be sure that it will fit. Keep in mind that, at these ages, they grow very fast and a costume for 3-month-old babies may not work for a 4-month-old child.

• Easy to remove: in case the baby feels uncomfortable with it or you have to change the diaper.

• Without mask: for reasons of safety and comfort, avoid costumes that cover the face, partially or totally, the child.

Other aspects that you should value in costume for your baby

Plastic is not a good material for baby costumes, since it does not breathe well and can cause skin irritations. It is also not advisable to paint their faces or put elements, such as false beards. Ideally, the costumes are one piece and keep your face clear.