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Ferns are among the most popular green plants, whether in your own garden in a shady spot or in the apartment as a decorative eye-catcher. For most ferns kept as a houseplant, an average temperature of 18 to 25 degrees Celsius in the room is best suited. High humidity promotes the growth of plants. Low-lime water is ideal for casting ferns. In order for the fern to grow evenly, it should be turned slightly every three to four days.

What are the advantages of ferns?

Ferns are the perfect plants for shady and damp corners in the garden. In the apartment, the evergreen plants adorn dark niches with their elegant leaves. And since ferns love a humid environment, they are also very suitable as a plant for the bathroom.

What should be considered when buying the ferns?

- Should the fern grow in your own garden or serve as a houseplant? For a large garden or a seasonal winter garden impressive tree ferns are made. Smaller ferns can perfectly be staged as indoor plants in the hanging basket or in the pot.

- Which fertilizer should be used for the fern? Ferns should not only be watered regularly and sprayed with water, they should also be fertilized. To provide ferns with nutrients in the summer season, a long-term fertilizer is ideally suited.