Filament 3D Printing Materials

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Filament - material for versatile 3D models

A wide variety of models can be produced with a 3D printer. The material used to make these models is called filament. These are thermoplastic cables with a width of 1.75 mm or 3 mm.

What advantages does filament offer?

Filament is the basis for modeling 3D models in 3D printing. The filament is simply inserted into the printer, where the material is melted down in a chemical process. Due to the high temperatures, the filament first assumes a liquid to viscous consistency. The printer's printhead wraps the mass in layers and begins modeling. The finished model hardens directly after printing.

What should be considered when buying filament?

- Which roll sizes are available for filament? It is available in roll sizes of 750 grams and 500 grams.

- What is the difference between ABS and PLA filament? Although both materials are similar, ABS filament has more stability and greater heat resistance. PLA filament, however, is easier to process and more environmentally friendly. Therefore, 3D printing with ABS filament should always ensure that the room is well ventilated.

- In which colors is it available? There are hardly any limits to the choice of colors for filament, in the meantime there are even some in metal or wood look.