Filter Coffee & Espresso Combination Machines

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Want a little espresso Italian in the morning as if you were on a terrace of coffee? The combined coffee maker should meet your requirements!

Why buy a combination coffee maker?

The combined machine is used to prepare espresso coffee but also filter coffee. This is a 2 in 1 machine that does not occupy more space than a conventional coffee machine. It has two operating systems that do not depend on each other. The espresso machine, uses the percolation technique by turning the water into steam while the filter coffee machine works on the leaching principle, allowing the water brought to about 90 ° C, to flow slowly over the coffee ground. The combined coffee maker is therefore a great versatility, it allows to make tight coffees, softer or less loaded with caffeine, according to the choice of each. Ideal for coffee lovers, this 2 in 1 machine will seduce you with its ability to make delicious and tasty coffees!

How to choose a combined coffee maker?

• First, machines that are difficult to maintain should be avoided. Impurities can alter the taste of coffee.

• Avoid coffee makers combined with glass carafe. Beyond 15 minutes on the hot plate, the coffee overheats and evaporates from the glass which alters its taste.

• Avoid light colored plastic coffee makers, they tend to discolour over their uses. Opt instead for a stainless steel coffee maker whose parts are much stronger than plastic parts.