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The brazier, as old as innovative

The old brazier, an object used since time immemorial, was a container in which the embers were kept to warm the atmosphere. The most widespread models of braziers have been those made of metal, although ceramic braziers have also been found. They were placed in the center of the room or under the famous stretcher tables, and even today there are those who use them. If you have a nice garden or patio, you can show off a brazier, since there are some models so practical and attractive that they are real pieces of decoration. In addition, they allow you to enjoy the outdoors even on cold days, because with a brazier, a garden armchair, a book and a blanket, you will spend spectacular hours.

Are electric braziers dangerous?

The truth is that braziers, whether electric, wood, coal or any other type of fuel, can only present some kind of risk if you use them without proper precautions. If you like this method of heating, forget your doubts about whether to buy a brazier or not. Better decide what type of brazier to buy. If you adopt it as a means of indoor heating, make sure you put it in rooms with good ventilation. In case you buy a brazier for the outside, the risks are minimized. You only have to have a logical care when handling it, as it happens with any other element for heating or cooking.

How to choose a brazier?

- If you decide to place a brazier in your patio or garden, your style should be combined with your outdoor furniture, and you can get it easily because there are rustic, minimalist, zen, oriental braziers and countless beautiful models.

- The braziers of barbecue give you a plus of utility since, besides heat and decoration, they allow you to prepare delicious and healthy dishes during your meetings in the garden. They usually bring a built-in grill and lid.

- The best brazier for interior is the electric one, since it does not release toxic gases although it does consume oxygen, so you must watch the ventilation.