First Aid Kits

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Today's cars are vehicles that are increasingly improved in terms of safety and reliability. However, these are always vehicles that are moving at great speed and with which an accident is always possible. To be ready for these and similar occurrences, it is advisable to have a first aid kit, to be added to other mandatory items such as the warning triangle and the high visibility vest. It should also be considered that in several European countries, such as Austria, France, Switzerland and Germany, the first-aid kit on its own vehicle is required by law, so it is advisable to have it in case you are planning exits over the border.

How to choose the car kit

The first aid kit can be a soft, nylon or polyester briefcase, or a hard plastic or metal case. It generally has bright colors, to be easily identified, and is recognized by the symbol of the cross or the stick with the snake (the same symbol of the pharmacies).

Its capacity obviously depends on the number of elements that must be placed inside it, but also on the place where it is intended to place it inside the car. A soft carrying case could be left in the dashboard compartment, easily at hand, while a larger kit can be stored without any problem in the trunk.

Compared to normal first aid kits, containing plasters, gauzes, bandages, disinfectants, the car kit is characterized by some items in particular. For example of LED lights, to signal one's position or the position of a body on the road; a knife with a covered and retractable blade to cut the safety belt of a person trapped in the passenger compartment; a pair of sturdy and curved scissors to cut clothes, in case of deep wounds that require a bandage; instant ice or spray for trauma without bleeding and thermal blankets to repair those lying on the road.