Fitted Sheets

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Inseparable from the pillowcase and the duvet cover, the fitted sheet is a bed linen designed to cover the mattress and preserve the bedding. Ideally placed above the mattress protector, it ensures quality sleep in a cool bed. Naturally, to maintain a healthy hygiene, it is recommended to change and wash regularly your fitted sheet. Finally, whether it is cotton, polycotton, flannel or linen, this essential textile comes in a wide range of colors and patterns.

Fitted sheet: which material to choose?

Used for over 700 years, cotton is a soft, strong and comfortable material that is characterized by its ability to absorb moisture. Combining the comfort of cotton and the practicality of polyester, the polycotton is supple and soft to the touch. Perfect for summer, linen is a canvas with thermoregulatory properties. Fresh and breathable, it softens and improves over time and washes. Finally, the flannel is a brushed cotton canvas with a downy touch. Ideal for warming up your cool nights, this hot material is hard to bear during the summer season.

How to choose your fitted sheets?

- Make sure the height of the cups fits the thickness of your mattress.

- Take care to measure the size of your mattress to make sure your sheet falls as you wish.

- Plan on a fitted sheet with independent head and base if you have an articulated electric bed.