Fixed Showerheads

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When we get home after a tiring day, very often, we go to the shower to take a bath, but not only. We want to relax at the same time. For some people, showering is not only a necessity (cleaning one's body), but also a moment of relaxation and pleasure. The water that pours on the body comes from a showerhead. There are two types: the mobile shower head and the fixed apple. The first is adjustable in height to match several sizes and can be held in the hand while the second that is integrated into the shower enclosure is completely fixed.

How to choose a fixed shower head?

One chooses his fixed showerhead depending on the type of jet. It conditions the comfort and efficiency of the bath. For example, it will be difficult to rinse a foaming shampoo with a water jet that has too little power. Not only will you waste a lot of time, but your water bill will go up. Prefer a showerhead with at least 3 power. If you want a softer water diffusion to limit aggression on the skin and reduce the risk of splashing, choose a jet model "foaming". If you want to tone your skin, opt for a "massaging" jet with a higher water diffusion pressure. The jet "mist" must be chosen if you want an apple that delivers water in small drops.

For those who suffer the harmful effects of limestone on the skin and hair, there are models that have an anti-limestone system. It allows to stop the limestone with silicone elements located on the pommel. Some brands make apples that reduce water wastage. As a result, we save money on the bill. If you want to keep the same temperature setting for the next bath, choose an apple with the "stop-shower" option. There are also apples with lighting, to bring a modern touch.

How to remove limescale from a fixed showerhead?

Cleaning a fixed showerhead is a complicated exercise, unlike a mobile apple that can be easily removed and soaked in a vinegar solution. One solution is to attach a tight plastic bag around the showerhead. This bag must contain alcohol vinegar. Several hours later, remove the bag and open the shower. The accumulated limestone will come out. If not, rub the apple with a medium-bristle brush to remove stubborn residue.

How to fix a leaky fixed showerhead?

Use the cleaning formula listed above. If it does not work, look for the source of the problem elsewhere. Start by cutting off the water that feeds the shower. A leaking showerhead may be due to a damaged faucet joint. With time, they deteriorate and crack, thus allowing the water to pass. This explains the leak in the shower head or faucet. The solution is to identify the leaky faucet (if your shower has multiple) in order to repair it. If the water that escapes from the cracks is warm, the hot water faucet is a problem.

To replace the seal of a faucet, first unscrew the handle (or brace). Use an adjustable wrench or socket wrench to do this. Then you have to replace the seal.