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Motorcycle helmets called modular, modular, or transformable, are hybrid helmets to switch from a "jet" helmet to a full face helmet. Unlike an integral helmet, the chin guard (or jaw protector) of a modular helmet can be raised on the front or back of the head, leaving a visor to protect the eyes.

What is the use of a modular helmet?

A jet-type helmet (without chin guard) is more comfortable to wear because it is ventilated at the chin, allowing the face to breathe more. However, during long road trips, it is best to wear a full face helmet for more complete protection. A modular helmet, although a bit heavier, offers the best of these two types of helmets. It is also more comfortable for glasses wearers.

How to choose a modular helmet?

Here are some things to consider when choosing your modular helmet.

• Homologation: a modular helmet may be homologated in the full position, but not necessarily in the "jet" position. To verify that the helmet is approved as a full-face helmet and as a jet helmet, make sure that the label certifying the standard has the letters "P" and "J".

• Size: a new helmet should tighten your head a little while the foam adapts to the contours of your face. However, this should not be too uncomfortable.

• Color: a helmet with light areas will be more recognizable. You will have to add, if it is not already the case, backlit stickers on all sides of the helmet.