Floor Mirrors

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Floor mirrors with adjustable inclination

Floor mirror with adjustable inclination is what you need to be able to mirror yourself with comfort, with always different perspectives.

How to choose a floor mirror

The different models of floor mirror available offer the possibility of exploiting the mirror and other additional functions, in dimensions suitable for every need of space and taste.

A mirror with a light structure such as aluminum or plastic and equipped with wheels, is particularly advantageous for those who need to move the object in different rooms or transport it for fashion shows, shows and concerts to place it in the various dressing rooms or behind the scenes.

Floor mirrors with solid wood structure and antique lines, furnish spaces with antique but also modern furniture, creating interesting contrasts. Depending on the weight, you can move them if you decide to use them in other contexts.

Some floor mirror models incorporate cabinets or jewelery boxes inside, so as to make this object a treasure chest or a mini wardrobe, useful for saving space with functionality. In the smaller versions, the floor mirror can be used to create mirrors and be able to see, for example, if certain items of clothing sock better than others.

The most original forms and the possibility of orienting the mirror from the floor in various positions make this object a unique piece of furniture.