Folding Chairs

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Transportable to suit your needs, folding chairs are suitable for various uses. They accompany family lunches or improvised dinners with friends. Perfect for maximizing cramped space, these seats are not only functional: they are also appreciated for their design, which is always in tune with the times. Combining cutting-edge technology with sophisticated elegance, these decorative objects in their own right are characterized by their clean lines and smooth curves. Made of plastic, wood, metal or leather, the folding chair provides a unique uniqueness to an interior design.

What folding chair for what decorative style?

If you want to add a note of originality to an industrial style decoration, opt for aluminum models, enhanced with vitamin colors. For a warm and inviting interior, rely instead on folding lounge chairs in colonial-inspired wood. Ideal to create an atypical atmosphere in a living room, they will bring a real added value to your interior. For the garden, it's up to you: the plastic is good, but the folding wooden chair will fit more harmoniously on your terrace.

How to choose the right folding chair model?

- Prefer folding chairs made of resin or plastic, if you are looking for practicality: they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

- Choose seats with armrests to support the forearms and shoulders.

- Take into consideration the maximum load supported by the folding chair. In general, it is between 110 and 140 kg.