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The dryer is an essential appliance in the kitchens of those who love healthy eating. In fact, to preserve the nutritive properties of food, it is important to avoid some cooking methods and fall back on simpler and healthier techniques.

Drying is one of these. Thanks to the dryer, foods like fruits and vegetables can be dehydrated and consumed in an alternative way. Furthermore, drying foods also means being able to keep them longer, reducing alterations and waste.

On the market there are many models of dryers, both simple and technologically more complex. To choose the most suitable one must foresee the use that one intends to make of it.

Dryer: how it is made and how it works

The dryers available on the market can vary in terms of power, number of trays or baskets and for the presence or absence of the timer.

Each dryer is suitable for the dehydration of foods such as fruits, vegetables, seeds, spices and, in some cases, meat and fish. Contains at least five or six shelves and the temperature can be adjusted between 35 ° and 70 °.

The operation is very simple: the use of low temperatures - generally below 40 ° - avoids cooking and does not alter the composition of the food. On the contrary, this method eliminates most of the water and this favors a very long storage of food.

How to use a dryer

To use a dryer you need to arrange the sliced ​​foods that you want to dehydrate on the appropriate shelves. Once the temperature and duration of the drying has been established, the appliance proceeds by itself. Components such as additional stainless steel racks or ventilation fans can be purchased at any time to replace the supplied ones.

To make sure you take full advantage of your dryer, it can be a good idea to buy one or more recipe books. There are many volumes full of suggestions on how to prepare desserts and snacks - sweets or savories - based on dried foods such as hazelnuts, mushrooms, saffron and spices of all kinds.

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