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Footboards: the right height to sleep better

A few inches more or less can really make the difference to sleep a restful sleep. The mission of the footboards is precisely to help you find the proper height to feel like a fish in the water under your sheets. In addition, these accessories allow to ventilate correctly the bottom of your bed, which is the guarantee of a perfect hygiene for your bedding.

Can the footboards bring a plus to the decoration of a room?

Without a doubt, the footboards have a real appeal to improve the appearance of the furniture of your bed. For a natural and Scandinavian effect, do not hesitate to select models in turned wood, of clear tint. For a shabby chic style, adult footboards painted white will be perfect. They can even be square if you like contemporary decorations. Amateur industrial design, prefer metal models, black or gray.

How to choose footboards?

- Check the size of the feet: if they are too high, especially with a metal bed base, your bed will be less stable.

- Check the width of the foot screw which must adapt to that of the bed base.

- If possible, add a central reinforcing foot to extend the life of your bed.

- Consider the colors of your room so that the feet are in harmony.