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After long days of work in the office, our body ends up resenting. We spend most of the day sitting down, something that is not especially good for our bodily health. We can find numerous items specifically designed to improve our comfort at work, including the office footrest.

What is an office footrest and what are its benefits?

The footrests for office are accessories in which, as its name suggests, we can place our feet while we are sitting working long hours. They allow that, instead of having our feet aligned with the ground, they are placed at an acute angle, consequently expanding the angle of separation between the upper part of our legs and the lower one. These simple, but useful items have numerous benefits for our physical health:

• Thanks to the position angle they provide, the footrests promote blood circulation in the legs and, at the same time, reduce muscle tension.

• Likewise, the use of footrests allows a more comfortable working posture, which translates into fewer back and neck problems in the long term.

• Most footrests are adjustable, which means that we can adapt them to the position and height that are most comfortable when working.

How to choose a footrest for office?

The first thing we have to take into account when purchasing a footrest, are the functions that each model offers. The more ergonomic, more resistant and more positions the footrest offers, the higher its price. Another detail to take into account is the aesthetics, if we are going to use it at work, we must try not to clash with the image of the office and, consequently, with that of the company itself.