Fountain Pumps

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Pumps for fountains: assets for your garden

Fountains are common elements of decoration in a garden. Special pumps are used to route and blow water, but can also serve as an indoor or outdoor filter to service your fountain. They allow to create a decorative and relaxing effect in a garden. There is a very wide variety: whether a classic model or a solar model, the fountain pumps are real assets for your exteriors.

How does a fountain pump work?

Once your tank is filled, the water in your fountain will circulate in a closed circuit. The mechanism is operated by a small pump. To install a fountain, there is no need to have a water supply. However, you will need power: for this you will need to make connections to power your garden fountain in electricity and allow it to work.

How to choose your fountain pump according to your needs?

- If you can not install an electrical connection, rely on a solar fountain pump which will also offer the advantage of being economical thanks to the presence of one or more photovoltaic panels.

- Choose a synchronous type pump turbine if you want to connect a dimmer. The asynchronous turbine will be more resistant in time.