Fragrant Room Sprays

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Fill your home with fragrance with air fresheners

The current air fresheners have achieved a level of efficiency perfect to fill any house with the most varied fragrances. Leaving aside the liquids and other compounds that contain the smell, the devices to distribute them are of the most varied. From the traditional and effective mikados to those that take the form of a spray, passing through the novel diffusers of oils that emit an irresistible vapor, the reality is that these complements, like the smell neutralizers or the bottles with atomizer, are indispensable anywhere you want it to be pleasant.

Where to put air fresheners?

As important as choosing a quality product that guarantees a pleasant and lasting fragrance is knowing the right place to place it. It depends on the smell is distributed evenly, so it is essential to pay attention to it. Ideally, place the air freshener in a place away from the windows so that the odor does not escape quickly and out of reach of air currents. To place it at half height, like that of a table, or at a certain height, are also ways to take advantage of its virtues.

How to choose air fresheners?

- If you do not want to be aware of the air freshener frequently, the best options are represented by the mikados, which last for months, or by the electric diffusers, so keep this in mind.

- Depending on the space, you have to choose one fragrance or another. For example, the lemon ones are excellent for kitchens, while the sweeter ones are ideal for rooms or rooms.

- The size and design matter, because if the air freshener is going to be in view it could be a little out of tune if the choice is not appropriate.