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Above ground pools: like at the sea in the backyard

Having a pool above ground in the garden fulfills the wishes of young and old. Without having to move, in the comfort of your garden, home or outdoor space, a day like many others turns into an opportunity to relax and enjoy the benefits of a swim in the pool.

It is not always necessary to travel to give yourself a holiday. The above ground pools offer great and small precious moments of leisure, but it is especially the children who love them. Birthday parties and afternoons with friends have an extra edge when there are fun water games to spark enthusiasm.

At affordable prices and with features that make them easy to use and maintain, above ground pools create a small corner of paradise for everyone.

How to choose an above ground pool

The first consideration to make to understand which is the above-ground pool that best suits your needs is the size. If you have large spaces available or if the pool will host a large family and many friends, it is better to move towards capacious and very solid structures.

In terms of shape, the distinction is between rectangular or round above ground pools while the available colors are generally white, blue, blue, gray and brown. Depending on the style of the garden, the attention to how the pool fits into the outdoor environment has indeed its weight for the purpose of choice. There are also pools with eccentric shapes inspired by real animals or science fiction, or with prints of the most loved cartoon characters.

If the above ground pool will be the kingdom of the smallest, on the market are available small pools with shower and gazebo included in the structure. Children will always be safe from the sun. For greater comfort, some above ground pools are equipped with external ladders that facilitate entry into the water.

How to install and maintain an above ground pool

Mounting an above ground pool is an easy operation, which does not involve the planning and execution of complicated excavations and does not require particular technical skills. It will be sufficient to identify a solid surface that is completely flat and well leveled, preferably with free space around it to make it easier to enter and exit the pool and safely position the power cable of the filtering pump.

The self-supporting above ground pools, normally small, are the fastest to assemble. The inflatable edge allows the structure to support itself and once the ground is prepared, the installation requires an average of just 10 minutes.

The above ground pools, on the other hand, are supported by a steel tube structure which guarantees greater resistance. In this case, first the base ring is to be mounted and then the walls and liner are moved. Installation times range from 30 minutes to 3 hours for the most sophisticated and larger pools.

Maintenance must be performed using the right dose of chlorine, depending on the capacity of the pool. Regarding the change of water, this operation depends on the frequency of use that is made of the pool and the type of filter; it is always advisable to refer to the instruction booklet for more information about it. Some above ground pools also have practical repair patches, to remedy any tears or punctures in total autonomy.

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