Fuel Injection Nozzles

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Diesel engines require injectors to operate so that they can convert the fuel into kinetic energy. There are different methods and designs to inject the diesel into the combustion chambers. A distinction is made between a compact combustion chamber and a subdivided combustion chamber. The pump systems connected to the injectors operate in single, distribution or series connection.

How do injectors work?

With the diesel engine, injectors ensure that the fuel is atomised into the combustion chamber at precisely the right moment. This time occurs when the gas in the chamber is most compressed and the piston is at the top of the combustion chamber. Due to the strong compression, the remaining air in the chamber heats up to a temperature of over 700 ° C. This is enough to ignite the now injected diesel and to move the piston by the explosion pressure. This auto-ignition does not require an external ignition source.

How to choose the right injectors

- For which vehicle model do you need the injectors? Look for original parts from the manufacturer for optimal match.

- Should the engine be tuned or repaired? When tuning you want to achieve a better performance or a certain driving behavior. Read in the descriptions which individual characteristics the injection valves have for the tuning.

- Do you need the component for a gasoline engine? Even with petrol engines, the fuel has to be metered into the combustion chamber. However, the components for this process are referred to as injectors.